ERS kurzus: Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children

2022. 07. 27. | MTT

Időpont: 2022. November 9-10.

Helyszín: Antwerpen (Belgium)

ERS is pleased to share that registration is now open for Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children – Diagnosis and Treatment. This onsite course will provide an overview of polysomnography, the limitations and strengths of these tests and their interpretation for the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS) in children.

Participants will learn about the indications for polysomnography and how to optimise the diagnostic approach for children with suspected OSAS so that they can be treated in a timely manner to prevent short and long-term adverse health effects.


The course will be delivered through a combination of lectures and workshops ensuring it will be engaging and accessible for all.


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ERS Education Team