Moving Beyond 2020, the Promise of a COVID-19 Vaccine

2020. 10. 20. | MTT

Tune in: Upcoming Webinar on COVID-19 Global Perspectives "Moving Beyond 2020, the Promise of a COVID-19 Vaccine"

Thursday, Oct. 29 2020, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET US

The ATS International Health Committee, in partnership with the Pulmonary Infections and Tuberculosis and Allergy, Immunology, and Inflammation Assemblies, invite you to join us for a webinar on the prospect of a COVID-19 vaccine.

With global confirmed cases nearing 40 million and over 1 million confirmed fatalities, the novel coronavirus poses one of the greatest threats to population health in the last century. Despite significant efforts to control the spread of the virus, large-scale inoculation programs represent the most powerful tool in overcoming the pandemic. As clinical trials for many vaccine candidates are nearing their end, the discussion must now turn to the economic, ethical, and logistical challenges of bringing a vaccine to market and immunizing a global population. Please join us for perspectives from academia, regulators, industry, and non-profits on the potential impact of a COVID-19 vaccine.


Presentation #1: The Potential Impact of a COVID-19 Vaccine
Salim S. Abdool Karim, MBBCh, PhD, CAPRISA

Presentation #2: Can we expect to have an effective vaccine?
Jay Kolls, MD, Tulane University

Presentation #3: What does it take to bring a vaccine to market?
The Regulatory Landscape Norman W. Baylor, PhD, Biologics Consulting

Presentation #4: What does it take to bring a vaccine to market?
Industry Perspective Rajeev Venkayya, MD, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Presentation #5: Taking the Vaccine to the Public - Economic, Ethical, and Community Engagement Considerations Lois Privor-Dumm, MBA, Johns Hopkins University

Presentation #6: How do you distribute vaccines to a global population?
Katherine O’Brien, MD, MPH, World Health Organization

Roundtable Discussion: All Participants

Moderators: David Lewinsohn, MD, PhD, ATS International Health Committee Chair
Samya Nasr, MD, ATS International Health Committee Vice Chair

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